Background Verification

01. Education Check

The education component is the significant one when it comes to employment. We ensure the education of the respective candidate is subject to authentication. This education check confirms the educational credentials given by the candidate is genuine, thereby verifying the data with our database. We also contact the respective institution to check the authenticity of the qualification details presented by the candidate. We also cross-check the institutional data whether it has the authorization concern of any government body like UGC, AICTE, etc., This education check service helps the clients hire potential candidates who contribute to the development of their establishment.

02. Address Check

We ensure the candidates' address information is subject to verification and also track the authenticity of the information. We assure the address credentials of the respective individual are genuine and authenticated. We conduct address verifications by sending a field officer to visit the aforementioned address to check its authenticity. Our specialized staff team also check the genuinity of candidate provided address information by tracking it through online means. Our highly experienced professionals work with the candidates' whereabouts to provide the right data to meet your requirements for a perfect professional individual.

03. Reference Check

A short interview won't be enough to know more about a job applicant. Reference check gains candidate's additional information by contacting academic and professional references thereby assuring credibility. Our team take on a Reference check by contacting the job applicant's previous employers, schools, colleges, and other sources to refer to his/her authenticity of given data. The reference check assures whether the given professional background information of the candidate is subject to genuinity. This verification process involves the candidates' information thereby fitting into the clients' requirement qualification for joining his establishment.

04. Criminal Check

The Criminal Check is an important verification criterion. This aid in knowing the job applicant's criminal background, thereby saving your establishment from fraud. The criminal check assures to ascertain the applicant has any FIR registration records or court cases filed on him/her at the local police station, the local court of the given jurisdiction, high court, and the supreme court. Our staffing team give a comprehensive and instant record to the clients. Our team also get through both online and offline records of candidates' database whether he has any criminal records. Our integrated team works on your candidates' criminal records to make sure that you are hiring a credible employee into your institution.

05. Identity Check

As the cases of frauds and defaulters are on the rise, our team verify the job applicant's ID cards to confirm the genuine identity. Our team conducts extensive and exclusive verification of IDs submitted by the candidate. Our team works to verify the details present in the job applicant's Driving Licence, Aadhar ID, Pancard Check, Passport Check, and Voter ID. Our specialized team ensures the data in these IDs are subject to genuinity by screening through the officially authorized government-managed databases. The Identity Check makes the client know about the Job Applicants' government authorized details whether his identity is genuine or fraudulent.

06. Database Check

Database check helps the clients identify whether the job applicant is genuine and entering into the institution with the sole purpose of development. Our team conducts an elaborative database check on the candidate's database whether the respective person's name features in criminal databases, civil litigation databases, credit databases and compliance databases. Our institution has access to many of the internal databases to check and verify the database information of the respective job applicant. The database check involves many databases, where our specialized team undertakes verification work to find out the genuineness of the candidate.

07. Court Record Verification

Court Record Verification is a significant one where it aids the client review the job applicant has records of legal matters or the possibility of involving in any criminal cases. The Court Record Check help the client's establishment from fraudulent or illegal activity by preserving its reputation. Our expert team check data within the jurisdiction in the High Court and the Supreme Court and verify whether the respective job applicant has any past criminal records or other civil offences that led to prosecution. Our team is an expert in data collection and research analysis through which clients hire trustable individuals for their reputed establishment.

08. Professional and Personal Reference Check

The personal and professional check verifies the personal and professional references of the job applicants on the interview table or in resumes. The authentication of these reference details helps the client hire a trustable applicant. The personal reference check helps vouch for the character and personality of the job applicant. The professional reference provides greater insight into applicants' workability and capability. Our specialized team confirm the reference's name and reach out to them to know about the candidate's professional competence, performance, and behaviour. This personal and professional check helps the client to know about the applicant's conduct and execution of work endeavours.

09. Credit Check

Credit Check helps the client to know the applicant's credit history whether there are any collective accounts, open loans, investigations made by third parties, or related threat signs. Our specialized team analyze those threats through their effective strategies. Our team is linked with authorized credit bureaus and their partners to track the credit history of the respective candidate. Our technical team is associated with two significant credit information companies called CIBIL and Equifax through which we check the credits of the job applicants. The Credit Check is an important criterion where the client gets to know about the candidate's ethical and trustable qualities.

10. Drug Check

Drug Check helps the clients to determine whether the job applicant is in association with banned drugs. Our expert team is associated with the leading diagnostic centres and labs in India to ascertain the usage of drugs in the respective candidate. Each test report is subject to evaluation by the certified medical review officers. They evaluate the presence of prohibited drugs in the samples of the respected candidates, thereby ensuring the highest level of accuracy. The specimen of the job applicants undergo three panels for the reports. These three panels effectively determine the presence of drug substances in the sample of the respective candidate.

11. Aadhar, Passport, Voter ID and Driving License Check

The Aadhar, Passport, Voter ID, Driving License Check is to authenticate the true identity of the respective candidate, thereby pronuncing his genuinity. These checks help the client to know the personal background of the job applicants. Our team go through the given credentials of the candidates and also have the reference database to confirm the authenticity of candidates' address and personal information are genuine. The verification of these credentials helps the client to hire potential and confidential employees.

12. Bank Statement Checks

Bank Statement Check gives the client authentication and verification of the Bank Statement of the respected candidate. This check provides the client with the job applicant's address details, information about the last salary credited, records of previous employers, and financial records. Our team call for customer-consent based statement verification through Net-Banking to authenticate the job applicant's bank statement and verify the salary records. Our specialized team undertake analytical research and reports over the bank statements for all of the job applicants the clients hire for their establishments.

13. Cibil Check

CIBIL Check helps the client identify whether the respective job applicant is under any financial coercion. CIBIL Check works in a way that focuses on the applicants who lack financial knowledge. CIBIL is a credit information company that contains 500 million users' and businesses' credit information stored. As we are associated with CIBIL, the credit information about the respected applicant would appear. The CIBIL gives a deeper insight and understanding of the applicants' credit history, thereby assuring the presence of financial knowledge of them. Our highly specialized team runs the respected applicant's details in the CIBIL check and assist you in finding out the financial reputation of that particular candidate. This software helps you hire a genuine candidate with no financial risk factors which might pose risks to your institution.

Organized Work Flow

Receiving The Application

Receiving and allocating unique application no. Checking for insufficiencies in the application. Assigning the jobs to the Verification Analyst.

Verification Process

Online Verification of Educational check is done. Employment / Educational sources are approached via call and email Field staff for Direct verification is allocated if needed.

Follow ups

Reminders are set for every individual
analyst. Multiple follow-up attempts are made with a 48-hour interval. Update the status

Validation of results

Verify the data our analysts mined with the applicant data. Validated and processed for report generation if no deviation is found. If any false data is found reconfirmation is requested from the source.

Verification of Report

Applications are classified as Green, Orange, Yellow & Red and submitted to the Quality Manager for approval. Q.Manager reviews the reported Results to ensure correctness.

Status Update

Reports are sent to the clients. A consolidated status report of applications is shared with the client every week.

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